The First Physically Delivered Cryptocurrency Futures Exchange

CoinfloorEX is a Crypto futures exchange specifically designed to unlock the financial potential of Cryptocurrency and enable more transparent participation in the dynamic Crypto futures market.

Physically Delivered Crypto Futures: Straightforward & Simple

  • No cash price settlement risk - you receive or deliver the actual physical asset, therefore there is nothing to manipulate at settlement.
  • Physical delivery of cryptocurrency at settlement allows you to grow your Crypto balances to benefit from long-term appreciation of the asset.
  • Ability to post margin in Crypto or Fiat enables greater flexibility for your  choice of funding.
  • Low minimum trade sizes reduce the barriers to entry.
  • Safer cash flow hedging: serving the needs of commercial cryptocurrency users and suppliers (i.e. Miners).
  • Capitalise on market movements by converting your cryptocurrency balances to Fiat when required through the CoinfloorEX spot exchange.
  • Find out more about physically delivered futures here

Transparent Pricing

  • Unlike other Crypto futures exchanges, our futures contracts are based on the CoinfloorEX price, not composite index pricing.
  • CoinfloorEX’s tick size creates a fairer, more transparent futures exchange compared to exchanges with tighter or wider tick sizes.

Reliable, Convenient Access

  • CoinfloorEX’s online, web-based exchange portal is available 24/7, providing a convenient, secure way to trade and manage your Crypto futures positions.
  • CoinfloorEX’s easy to integrate APIs provide a secure and reliable connection with low-latency.


Uncompromising Security and Governance

  • CoinfloorEX offers 100% multi-signature cold storage custody to more securely protect your assets.
  • Trade confidently with trusted counterparties knowing that CoinfloorEX operates within established governance practices and maintains robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies modelled against regulatory standards.
  • CoinfloorEX conducts monthly Provable Solvency reports and endeavours to maintain strong market maker relationships to provide participants with assurance that we hold sufficient liquidity to withstand fluctuations in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

Corporate & Institutional Investors

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Sophisticated Investors & Professional Traders

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